Widescreen Review: SAE 2HP-D and 8300 Amplifiers

SAE 2HP-D and 8300 Amplifiers: Conclusion

That brings us back to the beginning of this review: One amplifier to rule them all. There’s nothing more I can say really. You could pay more for an amplifier, a lot more, but … Read more

SAE and Eggleston Works

I spent some time listening to systems from two companies of which Brian Barr is President: SAE (Scientific Audio Electronics) and CAT (California Audio Technology). In the first, two SAE 2HP-D amplifiers ($20,000/each), which graced the cover of Stereophile when … Read more

SAE at the Los Angeles Audio Show

As reported on Stereophile’s web site:

Back inside the Sheraton Gateway hotel, I visited the Source Audio/Video Design Group’s room, which contained a VPI Avenger turntable ($10,000), a McIntosh C52 preamplifier ($7000), two SAE 2HP-D power amplifiers ($19,995 each), and … Read more

Mother of All Amplifiers: The SAE 2HP-D

Is your mouth watering yet? Mine was when I laid eyes on the 2HP-D, one of three amazing amplifiers that signal the return of Scientific Audio Electronics. Founded in 1967 by stealth designer Morris Kessler (see “15 Minutes with SAE … Read more

15 Minutes with SAE Founder, Amp Guru Morris Kessler

Even if you never heard his name you know his work. For nearly half a century Morris Kessler has been quietly designing and building world-class power amplifiers, not only for SAE—the iconic brand he founded in 1967—but for his other
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