Widescreen Review: SAE 2HP-D and 8300 Amplifiers

SAE 2HP-D and 8300 Amplifiers: Conclusion

 Widescreen Review

That brings us back to the beginning of this review: One amplifier to rule them all. There’s nothing more I can say really. You could pay more for an amplifier, a lot more, but I can’t see that getting you any- thing material in terms of what is coming out of your loudspeakers. These are the quietest, noise-wise, amplifiers I’ve ever experienced. The SAE amplifiers also have more detail, texture, and color to the music than any amplifier I’ve experienced before. I know I said some of the same things about the Datasat amplifiers. But these SAE amplifiers are still a bit better than my memory of the Datasat ampli- fiers. Interestingly, the Datasat amplifiers were also designed and manufactured by ATI. The SAE


amplifiers are a few steps ahead. If the prices aren’t an issue, these are the amplifiers you want in your system. (Read more)