After designing his first solid-state amplifier in 1962, Morris and a partner started SAE (Scientific Audio Electronics) in Morris’ apartment in Los Angeles in 1967.

By all accounts, the best amplifier in the world at the time was the Marantz Model 9, a monophonic tube amplifier rated at 70 watts. When Morris’ first commercial product, the 60 watt SAE Mark 2 solid state amplifier was praised by J. Gordon Holt in Stereophile as a legitimate Model 9 rival, SAE sales took off.

SAE continued to innovate introducing the world’s first graphic equalizer, the first digital read-out tuner and the first phonograph pop-and-click filter. As a pioneer in the new world of high-end audio, this ad illustrated SAE’s prowess. The SAE equipment in the rack at the right had a retail price of $6,000, the same price as a brand new top-of-the-line Cadillac.

With the launch of the 748 watt per channel SAE 2HP fully-differential stereo amplifier and the upcoming SAE 8 Channel amplifier, SAE continues this tradition of bringing the finest amplifiers in the world to market. These US built amplifiers adhere to the same design principles that made SAE famous and desirable around the globe. SAE’s “Components for the Connoisseur” bring unparalleled excellence in audio reproduction. With the return of turntables and vinyl records and the rising popularity of high resolution digital audio, there has never been a better time to introduce the ultra-high resolution, exceptionally clean SAE 2HP amplifier.

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