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SAE Launches the Mark I - An Ultra High Performance Pre-Amp to Match the Amazing 2HP-D

Our discerning customers have been demanding a two-channel pre-amplifier that compliments the quietness, detail, speed, and musicality of the 2HP-D amplifier, while driving the 2HP-D to deliver it’s full market leading performance, clean power, and accuracy.

SAE is proud to announce our newest member of the SAE family. The MK One! Our MK One preamplifier brings a new level of performance and luxury to SAE’s heralded preamplifier offerings with its high level inputs boasting the lowest noise of any SAE preamplifier ever produced.

SAE’s engineers developed the new Mark I to deliver a remarkable 12dB Balanced output, 6dB Single-ended output and a separate gain controlled Subwoofer output. Simply put, the uniquely impressive SAE Mark I Pre-Amp and a 2HP-D amplifier combination will “Rock” your house like nothing else you’ve ever experienced!

In the 2016 October edition of Stereophile, Michael Fremer wrote ... the SAE 2HP-D amplifier is “One of the three best amplifiers I’ve ever heard, and the best for Rock and Roll!”

Following their perfected pairing of the new Mark I with the 2HP-D in 2020, our SAE engineers say ... “You should Hear and Feel us now”!

The Mark I’s Signal-to-Noise ratio is an astonishing 130dB  - truly allowing audiophiles and music lovers to hear the space between the notes.

The Mark I has 4 single ended inputs and 4 fully balanced inputs to accommodate all of your high-resolution sources.  The chassis is 3U tall and a perfect aesthetic match to other SAE components.  Our ergonomically designed remote is easy to use and pleasing to hold. 

In an effort to maintain that legacy sound from the late 60’s and early 70’s when Morris Kessler was the pilot of SAE we designed the 2020 version of the MK One. Made in USA and with the input and blessing of the original designer, Morris Kessler.